Dr. Scholl’s® Dry, Cracked Skin Ultra-Hydrating Foot Mask, Intensely Moisturizes Repairs and Softens Rough Dry Skin with Urea, 1 Pair

Original price was: $10.49.Current price is: $8.88.

Dr. Scholl’s Dry, Cracked Skin Ultra-Hydrating Foot Mask is a rescue treatment for dry, cracked feet that intensely moisturizes and deeply hydrates. It restores the skin’s natural moisture balance with ingredients like urea, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin, macadamia, and coconut oil. The foot mask is convenient and mess-free, simply leave the booties on for 30 minutes, then remove and discard. This doctor-recommended treatment is loved by feet for its ability to heal, soothe, and restore dry, cracked skin, leaving your feet feeling silky soft and smooth.


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