Hollywood Skincare Expert Reveals Oscars Secrets

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Dr. Simon Ourian, the renowned Hollywood skin doctor, has a knack for getting A-list celebrities ready for the red carpet, including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Olivia Culpo. With the Oscars being one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, Dr. Ourian shared some of his top tips and tricks for achieving flawless and glowing skin for the red carpet.

According to Dr. Ourian, timing is crucial when it comes to preparing for red carpet events. He emphasizes the importance of starting the skincare journey months in advance but also offers treatments that can be tailored to fit shorter timelines based on individual skin needs. For example, scheduling a Coolaser treatment approximately two weeks before the event allows enough time for the skin to heal post-resurfacing.

Another signature treatment that Dr. Ourian swears by is LED light therapy. He has witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of LED light therapy on the skin, which stimulates cell repair and collagen growth. LED face masks reduce inflammation and promote collagen production, resulting in a healthier and more radiant complexion.

When it comes to targeting specific areas, Dr. Ourian often focuses on the eyes for his clients heading to a red-carpet event. He offers treatments such as the Dark Circles program, which combines Coolaser and filler to smooth and plump the under-eye area. Additionally, his own Simon Ourian MD Hyaluronic Eye Cream is a popular take-home product for clients looking to maintain the results.

Skincare is a vital aspect of Dr. Ourian’s program, and he emphasizes the importance of promoting blood circulation and relieving tension in the skin. For awards season, he recommends stepping up the skincare routine with products like the Facial Sculpting T-Bar, which reduces puffiness and offers relaxation.

For clients interested in Botox before a big event, Dr. Ourian advises injecting no later than two weeks ahead to ensure that the effects fully manifest, guaranteeing a smooth and youthful appearance on the red carpet. Timing is key to avoiding any marks or bruising that may detract from the desired effect.

While Dr. Ourian’s A-list clients receive personalized products from his skincare range, civilians can now experience a taste of his star treatment through his new AI service. This innovative service allows a virtual Dr. Simon to analyze your skin using cutting-edge technology and create a personalized skincare regime based on his A-list favorites.

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