Regrets of Tanning as a Teen: A Lesson for All

Up to date on 11/9/2019 at 5:40 PM

Christina Stiehl shares her private journey with tanning and the results it had on her pores and skin. Rising up jealous of tan celebrities, she began utilizing tanning beds at a younger age and later developed an habit throughout school. Over time, she realized the injury she was inflicting to her pores and skin and made the required adjustments to guard herself from pores and skin most cancers.

Spending hours as a lifeguard within the solar with out correct safety led to solar injury and extreme tanning. Ultimately, Christina realized the risks of her tanning habits and switched to spray tans and tanning lotions. Nonetheless, the concern of pores and skin most cancers nonetheless lingers as a reminder of her previous selections.

Now approaching 30, Christina is vigilant about solar safety, sporting SPF 50 each day and repeatedly visiting the dermatologist for pores and skin checks. Regardless of the efforts to reverse solar injury with numerous merchandise and coverings, she understands that some results could also be irreversible.

Reflecting on her expertise, Christina emphasizes the significance of secure solar publicity and encourages youngsters to prioritize their pores and skin well being. She highlights the fantastic thing about pale pores and skin and promotes alternate options like spray tans and self-tanning lotions for a secure and natural-looking tan.

Christina’s story serves as a cautionary story concerning the long-term results of unprotected solar publicity and the dangers related to tanning mattress utilization. By sharing her journey, she goals to lift consciousness about pores and skin most cancers prevention and the importance of prioritizing pores and skin well being over non permanent magnificence developments.

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