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Welcome to Beauty Flash News, where we bring you the latest updates on all things wellness and beauty. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Elements Wellness and Med Spa, a unique business in Perham that is making waves in the community.

Elements Wellness and Med Spa may have only opened its doors this summer, but it has quickly become a popular destination for those seeking wellness-focused services. Owned by Troy Diggins and his wife Tonya, who is a certified nurse midwife, this business was born out of their personal journey towards better health.

When Troy fell ill with COVID and needed to make significant lifestyle changes, Tonya began researching alternative medicines and therapies. This led them to envision a place where they could offer a variety of holistic services under one roof. Their daughter’s health issues further solidified their decision to create Elements Wellness and Med Spa.

Located on First Avenue South, the building housing Elements Wellness and Med Spa was previously empty for two years before the Diggins breathed new life into it. The interior is now a cozy and inviting space, with a mix of soothing colors that aim to relax and comfort its clients.

Stepping inside, you will find a range of unique treatments, including an infrared sauna pod, red light therapy bed, float tanks, infrared therapy sauna, compression therapy, vitality booth, and more. Elements Wellness and Med Spa aims to complement traditional wellness practices rather than replace them, offering services that can help speed up recovery and promote overall well-being.

The Diggins’ vision was not only to bring innovative wellness services to Perham but also to create a one-stop destination for locals seeking these treatments. By keeping services like float tanks and red light therapy within town limits, they are not only contributing to the local economy but also allowing clients to access these treatments conveniently.

Business at Elements Wellness and Med Spa has been booming, with clients traveling in from out of town and even stopping by local establishments like the Gathering Grounds for coffee after their treatments. Evidently, the community has embraced this wellness center with open arms, prompting the need for additional staff and extended business hours.

Reflecting on their journey, Troy mentioned that starting the business was nerve-wracking, but seeing the positive impact it has had on their clients has made it all worthwhile. The stories of people finding relief and healing through their services are what keeps the Diggins motivated to continue growing Elements Wellness and Med Spa.

As Elizabeth (she/her), a passionate storyteller with a degree in Journalism and Communications, captures the essence of Perham-centered content, she brings to light the transformative power of wellness and beauty at Elements Wellness and Med Spa.

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